Bespoke sales training courses
guaranteed to help you hit targets.


Our Programmes

Our courses are tailored to your specific needs, they depend on your business, your market and your team.

We offer the following programmes:

1 Day Bespoke Sales Masterclass

Make MAXIMUM sales in MINIMUM time! Targets missed? Deals slipping between your fingers? Profits dropping? You are not alone! Direct Sales Training Centre (DSTC), the specialist training and sales coaching company, has helped hundreds of sales people identify and win more customers, keep them longer and make more profit.

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The Standard programme consists of our super effective bespoke 1 day course “Sales Masterclass”.  One of our experienced trainers will deliver the course at your premises to an unlimited number of attendees.

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Standard Plus

The Standard Plus programme consists of our standard bespoke course PLUS a sales process analysis and strategy & training. We will assess and review your sales scripts, door openers and presentation & spend a day coaching your staff with the proposed changes.

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Some sales teams may need a more involved course of action.  Do you have a new team that’s really lacking experience? maybe it’s a new type of product you are selling, or you just want to ensure your sales staff have the best and most comprehensive training available?

Our advanced programmes are completely bespoke, they include everything on the Standard and Standard Plus programmes but involve between 2 and 20 days of on-the-job sales coaching depending on the experience of your sales team.

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