About Us

about dstc

We specialise in increasing the sales performance of salespeople. Amongst other things we teach them how to make maximum sales in minimum time, and how to close the deal on the day. In most cases we can improve the performance of salespeople by over 50%.

After 30 years in direct sales training we’re so confident in our methods that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee, which we believe is the only one of its kind in our industry.

Our experience covers all aspects of direct selling, in all markets and is tailored specifically to your business and the level of your team.

Before any coaching takes place, we liaise with you to define what your business is and what area of direct sales training will benefit your organisation most.

Based on time-tested sales strategies and techniques that meet the constantly changing conditions of the modern market, we offer a unique approach that your team will understand, practice, remember and apply. Whether it’s cold calling, lead generation, overcoming objections, closing the deal, communication, negotiation or presentation skills: our training works.

Our courses are not just about imparting knowledge and teaching latest sales techniques, they are also about building confidence and boosting enthusiasm. After one of our courses your team will not only have the right tools, but they’ll also have the right attitude to achieve maximum sales in minimum time.