Jo Hains
LGG Charlesworth

I feel inspired. I feel confident. I can not wait to get out there!

Jane Matulko
4 Business Calls

Very confident. Had answers to all questions. It was the best training I have ever had.

Neil Austin
VBC Group

Very enthusiastic and entertaining, very knowledgeable.

Nimish Sheth
SG World

Excellent. Stimulating. Refreshing. Exceeded my expectations. Knows his stuff!!

Emma Jenkins
Tausmand Plastics

Informative, useful, interesting, got lots of new ideas, feel inspired!

Stephen Hall
Lisclare Ltd.

Trainer was very charismatic, knowledgeable and motivating. Thanks very much! I have come away with a plan that I can implement.

Penny Hughes
Roncol Services Ltd

Found the trainer very motivating, very relevant, very effective, gave lots of ideas.

Lee Porter
Oak Telecom

Trainer was great, very enthusiastic, got points across we all could relate to.

Gloria Laanemagi
Radisson Blu Hotel Group

Training was even better than I expected!! Trainer was very enthusiastic, interesting, entertaining and he made the training very captivating.

Angela Robertson

Trainer very absorbing, very informative, really inspiring, fun. I am geared up!

Jeremy Gearing
Harder Brothers

Trainer very passionate & forward thinking, very useful for someone new to sales. It was useful to understand the psychology of sales – questions v answers.

Lorraine Lapping
Samuel Grant Ltd.

Training was very good and the trainer was very good. Knew his stuff and how to put it across

Leeann Milligan
James Campbell & Son

Motivating, Very enthusiastic, very energetic and this was infectious for the audience. Love of the subject.

Prashin Lalvani
Vitabiotics Ltd

Most of what I was looking for was covered. Was very interesting due to real life examples mentioned.

Kim Moran-Hogg
Highland Network Ltd

He was fantastic, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and motivating.

Helen Watson
Pinpoint Scotland

Trainer very very enthusiastic clear & precise in all communication. It has restored my enthusiasm for sales calls and motivated me to get out there on the streets and meet people face to face.

Paul Whitwam
Scientific Instrument Centre Ltd

Clearly well experienced in field and speaks from real life experiences rather than theory.

Ryan Hughes
Swiftclean Environmental

In depth, in detail, answers to all questions, very good people skills and a pleasure to spend the day with.

Transport Packaging Solutions

Excellent trainer, Good knowledge. Learnt a sales structure to take to the field which is of great use in my role. Nice to be reminded of the structure required to maximise sales.